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No injuries after boat crash on Leech Lake

A Park Rapids man and his nephew escaped injury Sunday afternoon when their boat was struck by another boat on Leech Lake.

Scott Henry and the other boat passenger, who was not identified, "both jumped into the water to get out of the way," said Cass County Sgt. Eric Hoglund, the boat and water officer.

"The boat T-boned them and went over the top of them," Hoglund said of the boat that struck the Henry boat. "Considering they weren't wearing life jackets, thankfully there weren't any injuries."

Hoglund said inattention seems to be the likely cause of the crash. The boat that struck Henry's was carrying three people from Andover. Hoglund said the operator of that craft will be cited in the accident.

"Everybody was pretty shook up, but they were all pretty lucky," he said. "There was a lot of boat damage."

The accident occurred just before 2:30 p.m. on Otter Tail Point.

Hoglund said incidents like this are a reminder to boat operators to always wear personal flotation devices, especially when fishing a large lake.

Henry could not be reached for comment.