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Pomeroy: 'Saberi wouldn't be forgotten for one day'

Roxana Saberi

Fargo native Roxana Saberi is coming home - and it's the community's efforts and prayers that may have helped influence her return.

"They certainly saw Roxana Saberi wouldn't be forgotten for one day," Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., said about Iranian officials and the community's events to keep Saberi in the media spotlight.

Standing in the north Fargo neighborhood where Saberi grew up, Pomeroy spoke about Saberi in front of the trees adorned with yellow ribbons in her honor.

"We could not be happier with today's news," he said. "We want to get Roxana and her family home as quickly as we can."

Her parents, who still live in the neighborhood, have been in Iran since early April to try to bring their daughter home.

Pomeroy learned the news of Saberi's release along with the rest of the world this morning. The 32-year-old freelance journalist has been imprisoned for four months.