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City organizes neighborhood cleanup days

Residents in Park Rapids have the opportunity to dispose of bulky furniture or appliances for free.

The city of Park Rapids is having neighborhood cleanup days Monday through Wednesday, May 18-20.

Large appliances and furniture items that are cluttering up the home can be placed on the curb and a public works employee will pick them up. The city is requesting people call the city office at 732-3163 if they want items picked up.

No trash will be picked up and no items requiring special handling and disposal procedures will be picked up, such as computers, batteries or motor oil, said city administrator Bill Smith.

"Just big, bulky items with no special handling required," he said.

Items must be placed on the curb, as well. City workers won't go into a house or to a porch to pick up items, Smith said.

The city is having the cleanup day at the urging of the community organization Green Park Rapids. The Hubbard County Transfer Station is letting the city drop off the appliances and furniture for free, Smith said.

For more information, or to request appliance or furniture pick up on one of the cleanup days, call 732-3163.