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Donald Kerwin reaches 1,368 miles

Donald Kerwin, the bicyclist pedaling cross-country to raise funds for area organizations, has now logged 1,368 miles on his odometer as of Wednesday, with 600 yet to go.

He was 10 miles west of Tucumcaro, N.M. when he checked in, traveling on a stretch of highway that's under construction, with permission.

"I may be the first non-highway worker to travel on this," he said.

Temperatures are in the 80s, he reports.

He's now been on the American Spirit Ride 24 days and sounding chipper. He plans to arrive at his Apache Junction, Ariz. destination within a week.

Kerwin is raising funds for the Akeley Regional Community Center (ARCC), Hubbard County DAC and Headwaters Animal Shelter via pledges.

Donations may be made via the organizations. For information on donating to the ARCC, call Fred Rogers at 237-5263. To donate to the animal shelter, contact Julie Westby at 237-2265 or Linda Hanson at the DAC, 237-8517.

Pledge forms may be downloaded from the Headwaters Animal Shelter Web site.