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Detroit Lakes resort opens up for Fargo facility

Heidi Brune of Frazee and sister Holly Barr of ShareHouse, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Fargo, load up boxes of food at the Detroit Lakes Armory for about 50 people evacuated from ShareHome's facility to Breezy Shores Resort in Detroit Lakes last weekend. (Brian Basham/DL Newspapers)

Flood evacuees from the Fargo-Moorhead area can usually scrounge up a hotel room or a family member's house to crash at, but when a large group of more than 50 needs to stay together, a little luck might need to step in.

That's what happened for the residents of ShareHouse, a chemical dependency treatment, prevention and educational support center based in Fargo.

Lynee Jorgenson, manager of Detroit Lakes' Breezy Shores Resort and Beach Club, donated 12 condominium units to ShareHouse residents this week after a comment to a fellow church choir member.

Jorgenson said she didn't know anything about the organization until the choir director at her church, whose sister, Holly Barr, is the director of development at ShareHouse, mentioned that her parents were being evacuated out of the flood zone in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Jorgenson offered space at Breezy Shores to the woman's parents since the resort was going to be shut down for the week for annual repairs.

"She said her parents didn't need a place to stay, but she got me in contact with Holly, and from there it just kind of skyrocketed," Jorgenson said.

More than 50 ShareHouse residents and staff members moved into the condo units on Friday and will likely stay until Thursday, but Jorgenson said it's on a "wait and see" basis.

Jorgenson is reopening Breezy Shores for regular visitors on Friday after being shut down for a week.

Holly Barr, director of development for ShareHouse, said the organization went through a proactive approach when it decided to relocate because of the flood rather than waiting for a mandatory evacuation.

They wanted to find a good place to continue their clients' rehabilitation, she said, not just a gym somewhere with 50 people living in one big room.

"These are vulnerable adults and we need to take care of them," Barr said.

Barr said the Breezy Shores Resort turned out to be perfect for ShareHouse to continue its treatment under another roof.

"When dealing with people going through rehab, they don't need added stress in their lives," Barr said.

Jorgenson called it a "Godsend."

"It just worked out perfectly and I give God all the credit," Jorgenson said. "It was just a feeling that I should talk to (Holly's sister) Heidi that day when she made that comment."

On Saturday, Barr said she wasn't sure of the fate of ShareHouse's Fargo facility.

"Your guess is as good as mine," she said.

Many area groups and businesses have donated items to them for the several days they will be relocated, including Papa Murphy's, which donated food for 60 people, the Becker County Food Pantry, Central Market and Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Frazee.

Barr said people have just walked into the Detroit Lakes National Guard Armory and asked what is needed.

"I haven't had to beg at all," Barr said.

Any unused food will go back to the Becker County Food Pantry.