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Hubbard County road crews scramble: 'We've got a mess out there'

A small lake now covers County Road 114 southwest of Park Rapids. Road crews are scrambling to get to all the bad spots. Mud is slowing repairs and access to the worst areas. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)

"We've got such a mess out there I don't even know where to start."

Those were the words of Hubbard County road maintenance foreman Herb McCormick Wednesday morning.

Numerous county and township roads are under water - some as much as 5 feet - and the mud is preventing road crews from getting to the worst spots.

Calls are pouring in to county road offices after rain and snow pelted the area again Tuesday. Roads that re-opened earlier Tuesday are closed again. Crews are scrambling to keep up with runoff.

County Roads 114, 36 and 44 are closed or will close again. County Road 44 was open briefly but water has started running over it again.

"There's a hole in the blacktop, unless the mat fell in overnight, there's a big hole underneath the road on Highway 36," McCormick said.

The worst hit areas are around Guthrie and Benedict, in the northeastern area of Hubbard County, where as much as 3 feet of water is running across some roadways.

Until crews can get signs up, motorists are urged to use caution when approaching water spots.

McCormick said it's not worth getting stuck, or getting caught in running waters.

Stay tuned to this Web site for updated road information.