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Proposed school cuts on April 7 board agenda

Superintendent Glenn Chiodo will present a list of possible budget reductions at the April 7 Park Rapids School Board meeting.

While in the Twin Cities he had an opportunity to speak with legislators about state reductions to school districts. The news didn't sound good, he said.

"It was very clear that it was going to be tough, tough on education in general," Chiodo said.

It's early in the Legislative session and Chiodo said it wasn't clear yet where cuts would be "other than it won't be pretty."

Park Rapids, along with other school districts, won't know details of the state's budget reductions for quite a while either, Chiodo said.

"We're going to have made a lot of the decisions in this district, as well as everybody, on reductions and budgets and have absolutely no idea how much more difficult it will be after the fact," he said.

Likely, there will be more adjustments made next year, Chiodo added.

Other schools are cutting $3-5 million, he said. "It's pretty significant across the state."

Chiodo will present a proposal for certified staff reductions to the Park Rapids School Board on April 6. It will include administrative reductions, at least two certified staff cuts and some non-replacement of retired staff, he said. The school board will need to make a decision about the certified reductions by April 20.

"We will look at other reductions at a future date," Chiodo said.

"It's just a very difficult time in the economy, a difficult time in education. Period," he said.