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Text message scam has targeted bank customers with debit cards; beware

Hubbard and Cass county sheriff's offices are reporting numerous area residents have been receiving fraudulent text messages regarding their debit card, supposedly issued through First National Bank, Walker.

The message read, "Your First National Bank debit-card has been BLOCKED.  Contact us immediately at 888-239-8172." 

Out of curiosity, one of the recipients called the number and an automated answering service requested their bank account number, according to Hubbard County chief deputy Frank Homer. 

Another recipient called and the line was busy. 

Text message fraud is a method for obtaining confidential information, said Paul Jaeger, senior vice president for First National Bank, Walker.

"No one will ever call, e-mail or text message from a bank asking for information," he said.

Hubbard County continues to receive complaints periodically on Internet, phone and mail fraud, but this is a first in terms of text messaging fraud, Homer said. 

The sheriff's office urges those who receive suspicious messages not to respond and either report it to local law enforcement and/or the cell phone service provider.