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Accident causes one injury in zero visibility; no travel advised

An accident Tuesday afternoon snarled traffic east of Park Rapids. (Sarah Smith/Enterprise)1 / 2
A woman is loaded onto an ambulance, but officers at the scene said it likely was a precautionary measure and she was not seriously injured.2 / 2

One person was transported to the hospital following an accident in blizzard-like conditions east of Park Rapids Tuesday afternoon.

The accident involved two or possibly three vehicles at the intersection of Highways 4 and 34.

Both the Hubbard County Sheriff's department and Park Rapids Police department were needed to conduct traffic control at the intersection, as travelers trying to escape the poor weather left town on their way home.

Police Chief Terry Eilers, who was directing traffic around the crash, said the women transported was not seriously injured. She was able to get herself to the waiting stretcher with the assistance of paramedics.

The snowstorm closed schools and many businesses were sending employees home by 1 p.m. as a matter of public safety. Law enforcement has advised no travel due to zero visibility in open areas.

The woman was reported to have suffered a whiplash-type of injury. She was taken to St. Joseph's Area Health services.