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Judge sets hearings for motions in Wright case

Hearings on motions in the case of a pipeline worker accused in a Park Rapids murder have now been tentatively set for August.

That will be 18 months after Sonya Hennagir died in her home.

Richard Wright is accused in her asphyxiation death.

Because the case has been hard fought on both sides, numerous motions are pending before Hubbard County District Judge Paul Rasmussen.

The Aug. 12 hearing will determine DNA issues, whether Wright's criminal history is admissible, and whether the criminal history of a key witness is admissible. Numerous other issues are pending before the court.

Wright, originally from Michigan, was working on a pipeline in the area when he met Hennagir. He faces an array of charges in connection with her death, including first-degree murder. He has been jailed in Hubbard County since his arrest in January 2008.

Wright's attorneys have argued Hennagir's death occurred after an intimate encounter went too far.

No trial date has been set.

The motion hearing has been tentatively set for Aug, 12, but schedules in the case have changed frequently.