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'Extreme Makeover' looks for Grand Forks family

Popular ABC reality show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is looking to change the lives of one good Grand Forks family.

The program is accepting nominations through Feb. 13 for a true hero in the city, "people who have amazing strength of character and who put their own needs aside to help others," according to a nomination document.

Additionally, those selected must own a single-family home that is need of major alterations or repair that affects the residents' quality of life.

Karen Happel, in charge of family casting for the show, said the theme for the past two seasons has been "Heroes." She said this means they are looking for people who deserve the home repairs but who also give back to the community or serve as local role models.

"We're looking for families who everybody is kind of aware of and everybody thinks is deserving of something great like this," she said.

The program also is holding nomination calls in Fargo, but she said episodes could be filmed in both cities if there's a good response.

When and if producers decide to come to North Dakota remains "up in the air," Happel said.

"We're looking all over the country, and so Grand Forks is just one of the cities that we're reaching out to," she said.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is in its sixth season on ABC, and has won the past two Emmy Awards for Best Reality Program (noncompetitive).

The show is hosted by team leader Ty Pennington, who works with a handful of designers to come up with new layouts, which need to be finished much faster than the usual monthslong process of completely overhauling a house.

Nominations need to include the names and ages of each household member, descriptions of the major problems within the home, an explanation of how this family deserves the repairs and photos of the family and the home. Families also can nominate themselves if interested.