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Internet reports point to new love for Abbi Noah

Fargo's Abbi Noah, who appeared on VH1's "Real Chance of Love."1 / 2
Nick Brown, former MTV reality star, is rumored to be Abbi Noah's new love interest.2 / 2

It looks like Abbi Noah's "Real Chance of Love" has now truly faded.

Several Internet reports reveal that Noah and her VH1 reality show beau, Ahmad "Real" Givens, have broken up. Some of these items, including a

Q-and-A with Noah on, say that Givens bailed out of the relationship to focus on his career.

Actually, that sounds pretty real.

But fear not, romantics. There's more Internet scuttlebutt suggesting Noah already has a new guy to keep her heart occupied.

Assuming these reports are right - Noah didn't return calls to us Thursday to confirm the news - it looks like Noah's latest man is also a reality TV veteran. This time the romance involves a former MTV reality star; Nick Brown, a cast member of the Hollywood season of "Real World."

We should soon know if the gossip is true. Thursday morning the Fargo radio station Y94 was teasing toward an interview this morning with Noah that will reveal the identity of her new dude.

I'll be shocked if it's anybody other than Brown because, well, the guy doesn't seem too good at keeping secrets.

Check out Brown's MySpace page, and you'll see pictures of Noah everywhere.

She's sharing Brown's profile photo in a shot with the two touching heads that screams, "If we're not dating, we're friends who want to date."

She's in a video posted on Brown's page that features the pair in a hotel room. Brown blatantly asks how her relationship with Real is going - eye rolls - and then asks if the pair is dating. Their answer is coy and evasive - but telling.

Scroll down and Noah is Brown's "No. 4" friend - and the first woman listed.

Move the page down even more and you'll see several comments from Noah to Brown including references to playful pinching, that Noah knows Brown's schedule too well and a request for Brown to take Noah to Hooters.

On a reality show, this would be dramatic flirting. On the Internet, it's playful and suggestive love games. But in any medium it seems clear that Noah's moved on from her reality TV heartbreak and into the heart of another man.

Will this match result in real love? Rebound rules say no. But reality TV stars play by an entirely different set of rules. Especially in front of the cameras.