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Authorities to search Red River for woman

Laura Williams-Jaffe

The Valley Water Rescue dive team will search the Red River today to try to determine whether a woman missing since last week may have somehow drowned.

Fargo police Sgt. Ross Renner said Wednesday that the team will search for 56-year-old Laura Williams-Jaffe to follow up on evidence gathered Tuesday. That's when a search dog followed her scent to the river and police found footprints that could have been hers.

Renner said there are no definitive indications that Williams-Jaffe ended up in the river, but police are investigating all clues.

In the meantime, Mike Williams, one of Williams-Jaffe's siblings, said family members are putting up fliers and hoping she returns home safe.

Williams' AreaVoices blog includes information on his sister. There is also a Facebook page called "Help us find Laura Williams Jaffe."

"It's amazing, the support of the community." Williams said.

Williams encourages people in the Island Park area to search their properties and outbuildings.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call police at (701) 235-4493.

They can also call family members Greg Williams at (701) 446-6237 or Jane LaMont at (952) 913-0119.

Family members said Williams-Jaffe is a vulnerable adult who needs medications for anxiety and pain from a broken back suffered in October.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 100 pounds, and has long, straight, light brown hair, family members said. She walks slowly and deliberately due to her injuries, they said.