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Area hits 42 Saturday with wind speeds to match

January left the region with a bang Saturday. The high temperature of 42 in Park Rapids nearly matched the wind speeds recorded five hours later at 45 mph.

The 42 degree reading fell two degrees short of a record 44 degrees, said National Weather Service meteorologist Brad Hopkins, but he was unable to pinpoint the year that record was set. Fargo's 44 degrees on Saturday did break a previous record.

Park Rapids hit 42 just before 2 p.m. The wind gusts clocked out at 45 mph just before 7 p.m. Due to the wind speeds at 2 p.m., the temperature in Park Rapids felt like 27 with the wind chill.

But aside from ice fishers scooping mounds of slush away from their fish houses, no one was complaining.

Hopkins said airport weather records date back to 1985 in Park Rapids, then back to 1948, the Weather Service has incomplete records from cooperating weather observers. Because of the incomplete nature of the compilations, NWS is unable to perform a computerized search of the date and record temperature simultaneously. All NWS has on file is the highest temperature recorded, 44 degrees for Jan. 31.