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Northwood man rams police truck

A Northwood, N.D., man was arrested today after he rammed a Geo Metro three times into the police chief's large four-wheel drive squad truck, the third time a head-on collision that wrecked the tiny car.

Harlan Enger, 58, is in the Grand Forks County jail facing a Class C felony charge of terrorizing, said Northwood Police Chief Keith Prosser. "Other charges are pending," Prosser said.

It began with about 1:52 p.m. today on state Highway 15 and Main on the north side of Northwood.

"It was during a traffic stop. Before I got him stopped, he turned his vehicle around and rammed the side of my door on my patrol vehicle. He backed up at that point and hit me again and hit my rear door."

"After the second collision, he headed back into town. I pursued him. He turned when he got to Washington Avenue and came at me and we had a head-on collision."

"I had no choice. I had to take the vehicle out. I did what I could to disable his vehicle. Rather than avoid it, I did not try to avoid the collision." It was over by 2 p.m.

Enger first was taken to the Northwood hospital and later to the jail in Grand Forks.

Prosser said he wasn't hurt.

His 2007 Chevy Silverado pickup truck sustained about $7,000 in damages, but still is drivable. The small Metro was wrecked.

Enger is expected to appear in court Wednesday in Grand Forks and likely will face additional charges.