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Newfolden tackles water supply issues

The city of Newfolden, Minn. is mostly back to normal after dealing with two water main breaks last week.

City officials knew about one of the leaks for about a week before a repair crew from South Dakota arrived in town Thursday. That repair is nearing completion, and was not the cause of the nearly two-day lapse in water service that faced the residents and businesses within city limits.

Once work began on the cast iron pipe connecting to the water tower, however, the crew quickly realized a second leak had occurred somewhere else in the system.

The search for that new problem, most likely caused by a rapid pressure change in the pipes along with frigid temperatures, was finally wrapped up Saturday at about 8:30 p.m. once the second leak was discovered.

According to city administrator Tammy Hansen, finding the exact location of the leak proved to be difficult due to the deep frost layer in the ground.

"There's a difference between narrowing down the location in town where it is, and actually pointing to the spot that hurts," she said.

Repair work on this leak was wrapped up Sunday afternoon, and everyone in town had their water restored by the end of the weekend.

Hansen said the water tower line should be completed within the next day or two, and the ongoing work wouldn't interrupt water service.

"It will be like nothing ever happened," she said.

Still, the city will have to do some road work later in the spring to repair sections ripped up during the search. Hansen said portions of East First Street, a county road, were dug up but are still drivable.

Newfolden is located about 60 miles northeast of Grand Forks in Marshall County.