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Park Rapids, Nevis close schools due to cold

Wind chill map

Schools closed Thursday in Park Rapids and Nevis, but Menahga is still scheduled to start late as the region ground to a bone-chilling halt.

Temperatures in Park Rapids appeared to bottom out at 31 below just after 1 a.m. Thursday and slowing inched up, reaching 26 below by 7 a.m. But it was the wind chill factor that was the determining factor in closing schools and keeping children safe from the elements. Wind chills were 50 below.

The temperatures are expected to climb steadily, reaching 31 degrees by next Tuesday, Jan. 20. But today's highs will not climb above 10 below zero.

The cold affected all facets of life around Hubbard County this week, aside from making national news headlines nightly.

Skelgas was sending its propane delivery drivers to regular customers on their routes Tuesday and Wednesday, whether those customers called for a fuel refill or not. It was just better to be safe than sorry, the company reasoned, in topping off LP tanks.