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Heavy snow on the way

Snowfall map

Keep the shovels handy.

Park Rapids could get another dose of heavy snowfall this weekend.

"We've got a winter storm watch out for you for Saturday morning through Saturday night," said National Weather Service meteorologist John Hoppes.

"You might be looking at potential for 6 to 8 inches of snow over there," he said.

"We decided we didn't need it here so we sent the heavier stuff your way," he joked from his Grand Forks office. Grand Forks just broke an 80-year record for December snowfall.

"I don't know if we're looking for winds to be that strong like the last times so it's mainly going to be the snow," Hoppes said. The system building out in North Dakota is packing a lot of moisture, he said.

One winter storm will impact the area to our west Friday night into Saturday. It appears that one area of snow, possibly heavy at times, will spread across northern North Dakota Friday evening, then move into the northern valley by midnight Friday night, according to NWS.

It's the second storm that Hubbard County needs to keep an eye on. That will develop over the Red River Valley into much of Minnesota Saturday.

A winter storm watch is issued when the Weather Services believes there's the potential for significant snowfall that will impact travel.