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New officer joins law enforcement to help people

Justin Frette

Officer Justin Frette has joined the Park Rapids Police Department and looks forward to meeting people in the city.

Frette worked for three departments part time in southern Minnesota for about a year before moving to Park Rapids. The departments were near the Fairmont area: Trimont, Sherburn-Welcome and Truman.

He went to high school in Fairmont and then attended Alexandria Technical College for his law enforcement degree.

What brings him to Park Rapids?

"When I was younger, we vacationed, my family and I, and I really liked the area around here," he said. "I knew the chief too. It's far enough away from home but it's close enough to home as well."

The department is bigger than the departments he had been working for, Frette said.

"They've all been telling my I came at the slow time, and it will get more exciting in the summer," he said.

His family didn't have any law enforcement experience but his cousins had a friend who was a cop back home, Frette said.

"I was always eager to know what was going on," he said. "I love helping people. That's why we're here, to help people.

"Everyone gets a bad outlook on cops, that all we're out there to do is write people tickets or arrest people. That's not why we're here. That's part of it. But the main thing is to help people."

He said he has already learned more and done more in Park Rapids than he had working for the other departments.

"It's definitely a bigger department and it's well-run," he said.

For now, Frette is working a noon-10 p.m. shift but will also do some filling in when people have time off.

He loves watching sports, fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoors, so says this area will be perfect for him. He encourages people to get to know him.

"I'm very open, people can come up and say 'hi' whenever they want," Frette said.