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Hubbard deputy under investigation in assault case

A suspended Hubbard County deputy has surrendered a DNA sample in an alleged sexual assault case after a district court judge ordered him to.

The sample is currently being processed to determine if it matches evidence seized in the incident, which occurred Aug. 13 in Akeley.

Investigating officers from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension filed a search warrant affidavit seeking the DNA when the deputy allegedly refused to voluntarily provide it, the search warrant affidavit indicates.

District Judge John Roue signed the order Nov. 3 permitting investigators to take an oral swab of the deputy's DNA for comparison purposes.

The deputy has been placed on unpaid leave since shortly after the incident was reported to authorities Sept. 8. The affidavit, written by BCA agent Kenneth McDonald and filed in Hubbard County District Court, states the deputy was on duty at the time of the alleged assault.

The unnamed deputy has not been formally charged with a crime. Both he and the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department declined to comment on the allegations.