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Sergei Carlson sentenced for attempted jail escape

FARGO - A teen sentenced to life in prison for killing his 16-year-old sister last summer has pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting a correctional officer while trying to escape from the Cass County Juvenile Detention Center.

Sergei Isaac Carlson, 16, entered the plea to the two felony charges in Cass County District Court this morning.

He was sentenced to five years on each following the pleas. The sentence will be served simultaneously to his life sentence, meaning he will not serve any additional time.

The escape attempt came 10 days after Carlson pleaded guilty to killing his sister Whitney in her Fargo bedroom when he was 15.

Court documents state:

Carlson repeatedly struck a correctional officer in the head with trim from a bookcase before being tackled to the ground by another officer during the Sept. 25 incident.

He planned the escape attempt with others in the facility and had two female residents distract a male officer during the incident.

Other residents at the detention center told authorities that on the day of the escape attempt, Carlson told them he wasn't going to prison.

Following Carlson's initial appearance on the charge in October, Assistant Cass County State's Attorney Tracy Peters said the charges were brought against the teen because they may affect where he is held as a prisoner and the level of security and restrictions placed on him.

"We want the folks that are going to be handling him to know that he has tried to escape," Peters said.