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Fire reported at Hawley (Minn.) Municipal Airport

Firefighters here responded to a hangar fire at the Hawley Municipal Airport at 7:39 a.m. this morning.

Airport Manager Lisa Jetvig said she believed the fire started on the south side of Building No. 4, which contains seven "T" hangars. She said there were three airplanes housed in hangars on the northside of the building, but there is only a garage and office space on the south side where the fire was believed to be burning.

She said Building No. 4 is the western-most building at the airport, which is located 2 miles west of Hawley, just east of 215th St. N. and north of U.S. Highway 10.

Jetvig said she didn't know yet if any of the planes in the building were damaged, but she surmised they may have suffered smoke damage and possibly heat damage.

Jetvig said she didn't know who reported the fire to authorities.

The Red River Dispatch Center reported that only the Hawley Fire Department responded to the scene. At 9:45 a.m., Jetvig said they were still battling the fire.

Hawley Fire Chief Gary Schultz was at the scene of the fire and was immediately unavailable.