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Students open to lunchroom recycling programs

Lexy Zunich-Andersen, student writer

Park Rapids Area High School students recently surveyed claim that recycling and composting in the lunchroom isn't an issue they even think about.

With a worldwide focus on green projects, this may come as a surprise.

Students were given a six-question survey regarding the lunchroom. Many of the students were open to recycling programs, but many of them chose not to participate in composting.

Superintendent Glenn Chiodo said that this has "not really" been an issue before. He goes on to say that for new recycling and composting programs to be successful, "It needs to be promoted effectively within the student body. I think it's a great idea."

Food Service Director Pat Stearns also says that going green in the lunchroom hasn't been brought up, but that the kitchen staff is careful to recycle all cans, glass, plastic and cardboard boxes when working.

"I'm an advocate for recycling, reusing, as much as we can," Stearns said.

In the schools, all utensils used are plastic, resulting from silverware being tossed in the trash. Stearns thinks that if awareness is raised, the switch to environmentally-friendly reusable silverware could be made.

For recycling to really take hold, Stearns says that it must be "promoted more throughout the whole district."

Both Stearns and Chiodo agree that having a committee run by students would be beneficial to increase knowledge and get changes made.