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Letters: 16th annual Tree of Life fundraiser

16th annual Tree of Life fundraiser

On June 17, Lion Margaret Renskers presented Lakeport First Responder President Robert Saxton with a check for $684.19, representing the results of the 16th annual Tree of Life Campaign to raise funds for the Lakeport First Responders.

A display of 198 leaves (last year 160) can be seen on Main Street in Laporte. Each bright leaf has the name of a loved one remembered written on its face. Some of the names are of Laporte pioneers who are remembered during this Laporte Centennial year.

The display will stay throughout the summer. You are welcome to stop by and read the names displayed in the new Tree of Life display case mounted on the Main Street wall of the Laporte Gas Station. Lion member and Lakeport First Responder, Paula Hoffmann built the case in 2007 for a permanent display space where people can come and read the names of loved ones remembered each year.

The Lakeport First Responders' dedicated crew gives all of us in the greater Laporte community peace of mind knowing we have a better chance at life because they are in our community. They are all-volunteer and unpaid. They attend meetings and receive training weekly to keep themselves fresh on proper lifesaving techniques.

Every dollar of your contributions went to the Lakeport First Responders. This year, $684.19 (last year was $566.55) goes toward the cost of training and supplies. The Laporte-Benedict Lions sponsors this annual fundraiser and covers all expenses

Thank you to all who donated money and time and to the businesses and churches that posted signs. Thank you to the businesses that handled collection envelopes and buckets. You all made this annual event another success.

If in your hectic schedule you missed the campaign, but would still like to donate, please contact Margaret at 224-2614 or send your donation and list of names to Margaret Renskers, 9416 Nu Robco Lake Dr., Laporte, MN 56461. We will continue to add any new names as they come in, and forward the donation to the Lakeport First Responders.

Margaret Renskers and

Winnie DauSchmidt, Laporte