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Courts 4-23

April 11

Jeffrey Allen Christlieb: 34, of Osage, violate order for protection, stay of adjudication, $200.

April 14

Benjamin Daniel Wednchuk: 22, of Bemidji, uninsured vehicle, stay of adjudication, $100.

Franco Magozzi: 64, of Akeley, failure to yield right of way, $127.

Zachary Grant Tanner: 18, of Bemidji, uninsured vehicle, stay of adjudication, $75.

Logan Russell Carmichael: 24, of Park Rapids, driving after suspension, stay of adjudication, $75.

Jerry John Lampl: 19, of Nevis, theft, $132 and restitution of $1.25.

Wayne Jerome Herdina: 53, of Akeley, intentionally point a gun, dangerous weapons, $382.

Anna Jean Hochstatter: 25, of Park Rapids, driving after revocation.

James Jonnathan Brown: 28, of Cass Lake, inattentive driving and no proof of insurance (stay of adjudication) $257.

Joshua Alan Lawrence: 27, of Thief River Falls, no proof of insurance, stay of adjudication, $100.

Robert Michael Miller: 35, of Bemidji, driving after revocation and no vehicle insurance, (stay of adjudication), $357.

Laurie Ann Nason: 43, of Park Rapids, theft, $182.

April 15

Lee Elvis: 20, of Minneapolis, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Justin P. Tracey: 24, of Lisle, IL, speeding 64/55, $117.

Matthew Leo Lavio: 31, of Bemidji, failure to obtain a burning permit, $122.

Kelly Ann Erno: 23, of Menahga, speeding, 69/55 and no proof of insurance (stay of adjudication), $227.

April 16

Matthew D. Finegold: 22, of North Brook, IL, speeding 75/55 and unsafe pass.

Mary Kay Folstrom: 18, of Cass Lake, speeding, 64/55, $117.

Wendy Lynn Johnson: 18, of Maple Grove, speeding, $117.

Ryan Jeffrey Naeve: 18, of Park Rapids, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Jessica Marie Cross: 23, of Park Rapids, seatbelt violation, $102.

Kenneth C. Ellis: 41, of Davis, IL, speeding, 72/55.

Mollie Helen Hedberg: 19, of Pine River, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Philip Robert Johnson: 30, of Albertville, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Stephani Siobhan Pierce: 35, of St. Paul, speeding, 75/65.

Kyle James Berg: 20, of Park Rapids, muffler required, $117.

Tharen David Grussing: 28, of Menahga, tamper with motor vehicle, $50.

Larry James Thompson: 61, of Park Rapids, semaphore violation, stay of adjudication, $100.

Trisha Renee Wood: 33, of St. Louis Park, seatbelt violation.

April 17

Deborah Ann Dilley: 55, of Guthrie, driving after suspension, $182.

Mary Grace Grover: 35, of Park Rapids, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Billy Joe Copenace: 30, of Bemidji, speeding, 70/60, $117.

Oscar Lavern Olek: 60, of International Falls, speeding, 65/55, $117.

Travis Eugene Brown: 27, of Park Rapids, uninsured vehicle, $182.

? Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.