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Park Rapids Council narrows candidate list

The Park Rapids Council narrowed the list of candidates for city administrator from 16 to eight at a special meeting Monday afternoon.

Three whose applications were incomplete were set aside.

Council members first voted individually whether or not they wished to interview each candidate, identified only by letter - "A," "B" and so on. Those with at least two of five "yes" votes made the first cut.

The applicants' qualifications were discussed briefly. All have college degrees, several in business management or business administration.

Mayor Nancy Carroll described the field as "nontraditional candidates," adding that in reviewing their résumés she had a hard time gauging how their experience would translate to the position.

At least two appeared to be local.

After some discussion, the council agreed to turn over the list of eight to police chief Terry Eilers to do a criminal background check.

Council member Gene Kinkel said he would work on verifying their educational background.

The council will meet again at 5 p.m. Friday to decide how many of the applicants they will interview.

Interviews are tentatively scheduled for May 1 and 2.