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No property tax statement? You have to pay anyway

A "screw up" in mailing Hubbard County's property tax statements is causing headaches for courthouse staff.

According to auditor/treasurer Pam Heeren, printing and mailing property tax statements and valuation notices was outsourced a year ago.

Wednesday she told county commissioners the county saved $2,000 to $3,000 in postage and the system worked last year.

This year, the vendor is the same, but the problems are significant and are costing money and hundreds of hours of staff time. "You name it, they screwed it up," Heeren said.

One of the problems, she said, is property owners with multiple parcels often did not receive statements for all parcels.

What people will need to understand, she emphasized, is "the law says not getting your statement doesn't forgive you." Property taxes owed will be due May 15 anyway.

Snowbirds will receive their statements late. The envelopes were marked incorrectly and the post office has returned snowbirds' twice, so staff are mailing them all a third time.

Still another problem, Heeren said, is some property owners have not received valuation notices, the wrong valuation notice or no valuation notice at all.

The county assessor's office started holding township and city boards of review Monday but if property owners haven't received their new notices, they haven't been notified and don't know what their statements are reporting.