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Bomb threat disrupts business at Pamida Wednesday morning

A bomb threat telephoned in to Pamida disrupted business for about two hours Wednesday morning.

The call from a female came in at about 9:35.

According to Park Rapids Police Chief Terry Eilers, an employee who answered the phone was told, "There's a bomb in the vicinity of Pamida. You have to get everybody out. I don't want anyone to get hurt."

The caller also assured the message was not a prank.

Customers and employees were vacated from the building. Police officers and Hubbard County Sheriff's deputies conducted a search in the store and outside.

Other businesses in the vicinity were advised of the situation. Eilers said all of them decided to stay open.

Manager Scott Schmitz gave employees the option of returning to work or leaving for the rest of the day. He said one or two on the afternoon and evening shift chose not to work. "All who were working when the call came in returned to work," Schmitz said.

The pharmacy shut down for the day but will re-open Thursday, he added.

Schmitz praised policy and other law enforcement who responded. "There were two squad cars here 30 seconds after we called," Schmitz said.

"I can't give enough praise for the quick response and the nice job they did."