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Roads and trails in six state forests to be closed during spring thaw

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will temporarily close? all forest roads and trails to motorized traffic in Paul Bunyan, Two Inlets, Smoky Hills, Badoura, Huntersville and Lyons state forests during the spring thaw.

"Every spring these areas are closed to motorized vehicle use for a short period of time to protect the roads and trails from damage while the frost leaves the ground," said Terry Novak, DNR program forester. "We are watching the road conditions daily and anticipate the closures sometime early next week."

Closed roads and trails will be marked with pink "Roads and Trails Closed" signs.

Three trails in Becker County are already closed. They are Little Scenic Trail (near bad Medicine Lake), Hanna Ore Forest Road in the Smoky Hills State Forest and Wolf Lake Forest Road.

According to Novak, riders have been very cooperative in the past. As a result, road maintenance costs have been considerably reduced through the years.

"We apologize for any inconvenience," said Novak. "We will be checking the roads and trails often and will re-open them after the frost is gone and they have had a chance to dry sufficiently."

A very limited number of motorized road use passes are available to land owners and spring trappers. Individuals must apply in person at the Park Rapids Area Forestry Office, 607 1st St. West.

All roads and trails remain open to foot traffic.

For more information, contact Park Rapids Area Forestry at 732-3309.