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Opening statements in Bradley trial to begin today

A jury has been selected and opening statements are set to begin Thursday morning in the murder trial of Thorpe Thomas Bradley.

From a pool of 64 jurors, 14 were chosen to sit through the trial. Judge Jay D. Carlson said the trial could last through the end of next week, Thursday or Friday.

Bradley faces trial for unintentional second degree murder for an alleged assault about a year and a half ago which resulted in the death of Thomas Charles Hensel.

Wednesday morning and part of the afternoon were filled with questioning of prospective jurors by the defense and prosecution.

Questions included what sort of involvement jurors had with alcohol and whether jurors have had contact with others who are racial minorities. Defense attorney Joe Parise asked about race because he said all of the prospective jurors were Caucasian and his defendant was Native American.

Prosecutor Eric Schieferdecker asked jurors about watching crime shows on television and what their impressions were. He also asked if jurors read their local newspapers and what their impressions were if they read about crime.

After the 14 jurors were selected, Carlson announced opening statements were set to begin Thursday morning at 9 a.m.