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Paving will start mid-week on Highway 34

The Highway 34 project is progressing on the west side and east end of Park Rapids.

At Thursday's contractor's meeting, Allan Minnerath of Central Specialties, Alexandria, general contractor for the project, said concrete work would start later in the day, and it did.

The plan, he said, is to do curb and gutter first, start paving mid-week next week and do sidewalk and driveways afterward.

On the east side, Minnerath said he expects to continue hauling gravel until Wednesday and then start paving, "jumping back and forth" between the two paving projects until they're done.

Installation of sewer and water lines crossing from the south side of Highway 34 to the north side at Career Path and Co. Rd. 107 was scheduled to be done Thursday.

As work is wrapping up on this season's Highway 34 project, two other road construction projects in the city are just starting. New sewer line is being installed in seven blocks of the alley that runs parallel with North Main and Highway 71 north. Work also has begun on the south end of the county's Pleasant Avenue project, including a storm sewer connection at CSAH 15 and the extension of Pleasant Avenue to Industrial Park Road.

Todd Sanquist of Sanquist Construction attended Thursday's meeting and asked if the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) planned to help Henrietta Township with road maintenance expense due to the increase in traffic on township roads.

Larry Randall, MnDOT project supervisor, asked him to send a cost estimate so the traffic engineer. "We can help with some maintenance, but we're not going to pave the whole road," Randall said.

Weekly construction meetings are at 1 p.m. Thursdays at the Park Rapids Area Library, located at 210 West 1st St.