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Catch basins to be replaced on Highway 34

Six new catch basins on the south half of Highway 34 will be replaced next week.

Larger concrete struc-tures will be installed and the six new ones will be re-moved, according to Larry Randall, Minnesota De-partment of Transportation project supervisor.

Allen Minnerath of Cen-tral Specialties, Alexandria, general contractor, said it should take three days to complete the catch basin replacement and a day to cover the areas with dirt again.

Concrete work will pro-ceed, skipping the six catch basin areas, Minnerath said.

The concrete work - curb and gutter, sidewalks and driveway pavement - is now scheduled through Aug. 10.

Earthwork between Fair and Western avenues is fin-ished.

Thursday, Minnerath said the hot mix plant is be-ing brought in and gravel is being crushed in prepara-tion for laying asphalt. The same site will be used for hauling for two projects - Highway 34, including 169th Avenue, and Highway 87.

"We're hoping we have something to pave," Min-nerath said.

The first lift of asphalt will be laid starting at Riv-erside and going west and should only take one or two days, he said. The section from Western to Fair will be done simultaneously once the operation begins.

According to Randall, in spite of some delays, the work scheduled to be done this season should be com-pleted on time.

Once asphalt is finished on the south side of the highway, it will reopen and the process of removing ex-isting asphalt, putting in utilities, completing earth-work and laying asphalt will commence on the north side.

There is as much utility work to be done on the north half as the south, Minnerath said, but Randall explained it is primarily a 10-inch wa-ter main that needs to be installed. "It should go quicker," Randall said.

The detour from Western Avenue to Helten Avenue on Highway 34 remains in ef-fect. Westbound traffic is routed north on Western Avenue to Monico Lane, east to Helten Avenue and south to Highway 34. Traffic from the opposite direction will follow the detour in re-verse.

Weekly construction meetings are at 1 p.m. Thursdays at the Park Rap-ids Area Library, located at 210 West 1st St.