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Courts 6-30

June 11

Steven Vincent Thompson: 41, of Wanamingo, DWI and speeding, $1,082.

Tammy Loyce Metke: 43, of Bovey, no insurance on motor vehicle, $82.

Jeanenne Violet Catheryn Harper: 18, of Ponsford, disorderly conduct, $282.

Wayne Evan Andreoff: 41, of Park Rapids, speeding, $137.

Erik Daniel Jimenez: 22, of Park Rapids, driving with-out valid license, $282.

Jon Allen Leigland: 39, of Ponsford, careless driving.

Lori Jean Ley: 46, of Be-midji, speeding, $137.

Richard David Vigil: 20, of Bemidji, domestic assault, $182.

Scott Stephen Boos: 42, of Baxter, speeding, $117.

Luke Joseph Freeman: 26, of Walker, no medical cer-tificate in possession, $182.

Kenneth Calvin Gitchel Jr.: 30, of Nevis, driving after revocation - inimical to public safety, $332.

Bruce Anthony Leiran: 40, of Grand Forks, seatbelt violation, $102.

Michael Leif Mickelson: 40, of Grygla, speeding, $137.

Matthew Thompson Spren-ger: 20, of Backus, seat-belt violation, $102.

Camala Joy Yount: 44, of Cortland, OH, speeding, $137.

June 6

Gregory Charles Thomas: 52, obstructing arrest, 227 days in jail.

June 11

Patrick Sommersville Pope: 46, of Osage, DWI, $607.

Brandon James Hansen: 21, of Sebeka, DWI, $607.

Clinton Patrick Claflin: 42, of Park Rapids, disorderly conduct, $307.

John Thomas Kelash: 23, of Park Rapids, driving after revocation, $182.

Charlotte Michelle Rash: 25, of Park Rapids, school bus stop arm violation and driving without a valid li-cense, $764.

June 13

Corey Duane Duff: 21, of Bemidji, speeding, $137.

John Al Rehkamp: 49, of Plymouth, speeding, $262.

Curtis Michael Berry: 50, of Sebeka, ATV operation where prohibited, $132.

Robert Daniel Bollinger: 55, of Bemidji, speeding, $127.

Rosalie Mildred Orvis: 60, of Warroad, speeding, $117.

June 15

Gregory Norman Ricard: 26, of Bemidji, driving after suspension, failure to dis-play current registration, $548.

June 18

Randall Scott Hamblin: 51, of Park Rapids, open bot-tle, $382.

Roxanne Gail Brun: 44, of Red Lake, seatbelt viola-tion, $102.

Timothy Howard Pallin: 42, of Grand Rapids, speed-ing, $117.

Jeffrey Scott Hastings: 46, of Park Rapids, speeding, $117.

Kyle James Hutchinson: 21, of Laporte, disorderly conduct, $182.

Kyle Lynn Krause: 40, of Burke, SD, DWI, $1,230.

June 18

Megan Elizabeth Goebel: 18, of Park Rapids, school bus stop arm violation, $75.

Grant Wilson Hadrava: 18, of Lake George, inattentive driving, $132.

Ryan Anthony Burnos: 25, of Park Rapids, possession of drug paraphernalia, $132.

James Richard Converset: 36, of Park Rapids, dog running at large, $182.

Lawrence Crowell Jr.: 22, of Ponsford, driving after suspension, $182.

Oneray Lynn Grant: 41, of Menahga, uninsured vehicle, $100.

Jamie Michael Schleifer: 34, of Park Rapids, theft, $282.

Robert Dale Tufts II: 24, of Akeley, DWI, $3,207.

Michael Eugene Juillerat: 28, of Park Rapids, 3rd degree DWI, $807.

June 20

Brian Alan Brunelle: 41, of Cass Lake, speeding, $117.

Kevin Albert Kosmerl: 26, of HIbbing, speeding, $117.

Laura Marie Marsh: 21, of Hibbing, speeding, $117.

John Jon Pieniazek: 38, of Portland, OR, speeding, $382.

Colter Jay Uscola: 17, of Menahga, speeding, $117.

Eric Martin Aakre: 21, of Hawley, failure to display registration on ATV, $102.

Casey Dean Balcer: 30, of Bemidji, license plate violation, $102.

James Michael Caliandro: 48, of Underwood, operate unregistered vehicle, $132.

Martin Gerald Carlson: 54, of East Gull Lake, speeding, $117.

Joseph William Christensen: 36, of Lakeshore, driving after suspension and speeding.

John Allen Daniels: 38, of Park Rapids, DWI, $682.

Edwin Dale Emerson: 54, of Minneapolis, speeding, $217.

Paul Arne Flessland: 16, of Hutchinson, speeding, $137.

Brandon Lee Fransen: 19, of Park Rapids, seatbelt violation, $102.

Alan Everett Haiby: 38, of Becker, speeding, $117.

Amber Tena Hanson: 21, of Bemidji, license plate violation, $102.

Shaun Anthony Imgrund: 23, of Wadena, speeding, $137.

Nathan Wade Kendall: 18, of Park Rapids, speeding, $117.

Jason Patrick Norvold: 19, of Bemidji, speeding, $127.

Patricia Ellen Walchuk: 42, of Minneapolis, speeding, $137.

June 14

Samuel Robert Ronne-baum: 50, of Park Rapids, two counts of 5th degree controlled substance crime, continued for dis-missal.

June 18

Terence Patrick O'Connor: 48, of Cass Lake, disor-derly conduct, $182.

Jeramy Ray Mercil: 27, of Bemidji, school bus stop arm violation, $232.

Darrol Allen Shepersky: 36, of Park Rapids, driving af-ter suspension, $100.

Bret Leonard Wilson: 19, of Park Rapids, disorderly conduct, $182.

Carrie Lynn Jones: 35, of Park Rapids, dog running at large, $182.

June 22

Allan Carl VanBuskirk: 18, of Rose Creek, fishing with extra line, $122.

Susan H. Beller: 58, of St. Louis, speeding, $137.

Anita Marie Carter: 61, of Park Rapids, seatbelt vio-lation, $102.

Curtis Roy Forstie: 27, of Phoenix, speeding, $137.

Avtonom Nikolayevich Kulikov: 28, of Winger, inattentive driving, $177.

Joseph Adam Leacox: 19, of Park Rapids, restriction on mirrored or glazed win-dows, $127.

Christie Marie Jackson: 32, of Detroit Lakes, theft, res-titution of $47.54.

June 25

Charles Brill: 55, of Mena-hga, fugitive from justice from other state, extradi-tion waived.

Darvin Earl Oekle: 46, of Lakefield, speeding, $117.

Joshua William Gager: 22, of Grand Rapids, failure to display valid registration, $102.

Travis Michael Westlake: 22, of Coleraine, operating watercraft without personal floatation device, $112.

Kenneth Richard Hurgon: 70, of Melrose, IA, pos-sessing fish over the limit, $212.

William Loren Krona: 24, of St. Cloud, forestry - inter-nal combustion engines.

Darrel Robert Magnuson: 74, of Brandon, failure to display valid registration on watercraft, $102.

Donald Roy Orgon: 73, of Bemidji, operating water-craft without license, $102.

William Joseph Ottremba: 47, of Wyoming, MN, op-erating watercraft without personal floatation device, $112.

Joshua Todd Schyma: 23, of St. Cloud, forestry - in-ternal combustion engines.

Joseph Paul Amberg: 50, of St. Paul, speeding, $117.

Lucas Anthony Draeger: 23, of Pine River, seatbelt violation.

Bruce Allan Hella: 58, of Fargo, speeding, $127.

Brett William Michlitsch: 30, of Minneapolis, speed-ing, $117.

Ranae Marie Shefland Seykora: 31, of Cass Lake, speeding, $117.

Gary Roger Danielson: 39, of Andover, speeding, $125.

Rick Allen Heath: 18, of Park Rapids, speeding, $137.

June 26

Steven Charles Plumer: 30, of Bemidji, traffic accident - failure to notify owner of damaged property, $100.

? Editor's note: Ages and other information omitted were not entered in court data.