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Mondry sentences sex offender to 86 months

Judge Jay D. Mondry revoked a stay of execution and committed James Edward Storholm, 50, to 86 months in prison Wednesday.

According to court records, Storholm was convicted of first degree criminal sexual conduct in Hubbard County in October 1992.

At that time, Storholm was sentenced to 86 months in prison, stayed 25 years, unless the sentence was revoked. Storholm was placed on probation during this time and given a number of conditions that he must adhere to while on probation.

These conditions included serving one year in the county jail, completing a sexual offender treatment program, completing a chemical dependency assessment and refraining from all use of alcohol. Other conditions of the court's stay included a prohibition on unsupervised contact with minor children.

In October 1993, Storholm was convicted of a gross misdemeanor DWI in Wright County and a revocation hearing was held about three months later. As a result of that hearing, Storholm's probation status was reinstated.

He returned for another revocation hearing in September 2002. This time his probation was revoked as it was found that in August 2002, he had contact with a 14-year-old juvenile male. Storholm also had a blood alcohol level of .104. As a result of the September 2002 hearing, Storholm served 90 days on home electronic monitoring with alcohol monitoring, an updated chemical dependency evaluation, counseling and another prohibition on unsupervised contact with minors.

On Oct. 5, 2004, Storholm was found to have violated his probation, as he possessed pornographic materials. He appeared in court in Anoka County and a subsequent revocation hearing was held but was continued for six months to May 9, 2005.

On Aug. 1, 2005 he was incarcerated at the Minnesota correctional facility in Rush City for 21 months. This time, he had violated his probation in Anoka County.

On Feb. 2, 2006, Storholm entered into a plea agreement in federal court on the charge of possession of child pornography. At sentencing, he could receive 20 years in prison.

Storholm was brought back to Hubbard County July 5 for a revocation hearing on his original sentence. At that time, Mondry continued the matter.

In revoking the sentence on the original charge in Hubbard County, Mondry determined Wednesday that "nearly 15 years after the conviction on the original crime, Storholm has repeatedly violated the terms of his probation."

Further, the court record states, Storholm has been provided many opportunities and continues to violate the conditions of his probation and the nature of these violations have been "extremely serious."