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Letters: Proud to be a teacher in PR

I have been teaching health education for 29 years in the Park Rapids School District.

When the community of Park Rapids voted for a new school in 1999, a committee of 66 people formed (many of the committee members were from the community) to make decisions on what kind of school should be built. The public was invited to these meetings and asked for their input.

I remember many citizens of Park Rapids asking the school to build a building that the community could use. People wanted a place for craft fairs, boat shows, conference rooms, sports tournaments, trade shows, etc. - a school that could handle new growth and last for many years.

Many meetings and hours of discussions were held to build a school that would work for students and the community. This is our school built for the whole community. The building is here to stay and staffed with people who are passionate about young people and want to see our community thrive and remain competitive for years to come.

My husband and I have two daughters who graduated from Park Rapids High School. We are very grateful for the education they received in the classroom, fine arts and athletics.

No one can raise their children alone in this very competitive world. We are a team and need to work together for the future of our children and the future of the Park Rapids area.

Please vote "yes" for education.

Cathy Peterson

Park Rapids