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Letters: Sailer voted for gas tax increase

Sailer voted for

gas tax increase

Minnesota representative Brita Sailer voted against northern Minnesota resorts, small business, farmers, loggers and workers when she voted for the gas tax increase last year.

Higher gas taxes mean a slower tourist trade for small business and resorts who rely on vacationers. Higher gas taxes make it tougher for the already strapped workers who need their vehicle for work every day. Higher gas taxes take away more of the already slim profits area farmers and loggers are trying to preserve.

The 10 cent per gallon increase also allowed counties to impose a "wheelage tax" under the Erhardt amendment, which would have potentially meant an extra $20 per car tax levy on drivers in those counties that so desired. In addition, the bill took away "caps" on car tabs fees that were imposed during Gov. Ventura's administration. The removal of car tab would have been on all car purchases, not just new cars.

Here's what Rep. Sailer's vote meant:

1) 10 cents per gallon increased gas tax;

2) Potential $20 per car additional tax; and

3) Higher license plate tabs on any car purchased.

So, when it comes to vote for a Dist. 2B representative this November and if you are a resort or business owner who relies on tourists, a worker who needs to get to work or a farmer or logger trying to make ends meet, think about this.

John Firehammer

Park Rapids