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Letters: Nevis school is 'overfilled'

Nevis school

is 'overfilled'

It is difficult to understand why Nevis School Dist. 308 needs a multi-million dollar bond to support the students in the district.

The Nevis School was completed in 1998 to accommodate 400 students. It is an excellent facility but somehow has become overcrowded with 520 students, although only 281 of these students are from our district. Because of an overzealous administration, the facility has been overfilled with an additional 239 open-enrolled students.

As there is a zero population growth forecast for the Nevis area, the original building should more than adequately facilitate the student population of Dist. 308 for many years to come.

The open enrollment law was not written to create overcrowding of our schools! The school administration has brought in trailers to accommodate additional students. Free exercise equipment now resides dormant in the school (without the proper permit). We send our buses outside the district to transport open-enrolled students. These are a few of the things Dist. 308 tax payers are paying for that should not be burdened upon them.

I will be happy to support a bond when it is necessary to provide for the students in our school district. This one is not necessary!

Jerry Cole