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Townships elect officers

Elections for township officers were held last Tuesday, but there will be little change in township leadership; most townships re-elected their incumbents.

The following people were elected to township offices across Hubbard County. Unless otherwise noted, all supervisor terms are three years and clerk terms are two years.

Akeley: Incumbent supervisor Duane Splittstoesser and incumbent clerk Tom Beck were elected.

Voters also decided to move elections to November.

Arago: Richard Walsh, supervisor, and Patricia Stulich, clerk, were re-elected to their positions.

Badoura: Incumbent supervisor David Andress was elected.

No one filed for the clerk's position and no one has been appointed, as of yet.

Clay: Incumbent supervisor Jeff Haukebo and incumbent clerk Margie Vik were elected.

Clover: Write-in Joan Bradach was elected supervisor and incumbent Teresa Ohm was elected clerk.

Voters also elected to move township elections to November.

Crow Wing: Incumbent supervisor James Fox and incumbent clerk Gerald Forsberg were elected.

Farden: Incumbent supervisor John Nyberg and incumbent clerk Laurel Schummer were elected.

Fern: Two incumbents were elected into office - supervisor Ben Rucinski and clerk Pam Stull.

Guthrie: Incumbent supervisor Michael Schmidt and incumbent clerk Dorothy Clairmont were elected.

Hart Lake: Incumbents Jim Krieger and Charlotte Rauch were elected to supervisor and clerk positions, respectively.

Residents unanimously decided to keep elections in March.

Helga: Supervisors elected were incumbent Silas Hooker, Mark Donat and Jerome Serbus. To the planning and zoning commission, Laird Hensel was re-elected and Dirk Fisher was the write-in winner. Bobbi Donat won re-election as clerk.

Hendrickson: Though no one filed for office, newcomers Jeff Holland and Linda Blanchard were voted in as supervisor and clerk, respectively. Both positions are four-year terms.

Hendrickson Township will combine polling places with Lakeport Township for all future elections, which will be held in November.

Henrietta: Lowell Warne, incumbent supervisor, and incumbent clerk Brenda Carpenter were elected.

Hubbard: Incumbent Terry Kimball was elected to a three-year supervisor position and incumbent Jeri Johanning won the two-year treasurer position.

Lake Alice: Incumbent supervisor John Carson and incumbent clerk Mona Des Lauriers were elected.

The township voted to change elections to November, which results in terms for all officers now being four years.

Lake Emma: Incumbent supervisor Rod Westrum was elected and newcomer Nancy Bogaard was elected as clerk.

The township voted to move elections to November, and the annual meeting in 2007 (the second Tuesday of March) will begin at 7 p.m.

Lake George: Incumbent Daryl Bessler was elected supervisor and incumbent clerk Joyce Harvey was elected.

Lake Hattie: Lester Edelman was elected supervisor and Elizabeth Parthun was elected clerk, both incumbents.

At the annual meeting, citizens discussed anticipated HAVA expenses. It was decided not to move elections to November until legislators officially mandate HAVA machines.

Lakeport: Lakeport Township had no elections Tuesday, as there was an error in their resolution and the township missed the filing period. Elections will be held April 18. A four-year supervisor and four-year clerk term are open.

Mantrap: Incumbent supervisor Milica Stanfel and incumbent clerk Cindie Ekren were elected.

Nevis: Incumbent supervisor Tom Walz and incumbent clerk Chris Nelson were elected.

Rockwood: Incumbents Stephen Aultman, supervisor, and Jean Diffley, clerk, were elected.

Schoolcraft: Incumbent supervisor Leo Olmschenk and incumbent clerk Steve Booth won re-election.

Steamboat River: Incumbent treasurer Catherine L.M. Hanson and incumbent supervisor James B. Scott were both elected.

Citizens approved putting the issue of moving local elections to November on the ballot for the next annual meeting.

Straight River: Incumbents Cindy Becker was elected to a two-year treasurer term and Duane Becker was elected to a three-year supervisor term.

Monthly board meetings will be held at 7 p.m., starting the first Monday in October and continuing through March.

Thorpe: Supervisor Lorlie Harrington was re-elected to the four-year term. Incumbent clerk Elaine Haskins was re-elected.

Todd: Incumbent supervisor Keith Mikus and incumbent clerk Mildred Lovin both won re-election.

White Oak: David Grantham was voted in as supervisor and Susanne Gray was elected clerk. Both are incumbents.

The township decided to move future elections to November.

In eastern Becker County, all the following townships had a three-year supervisor term and a two-year clerk term open:

Carsonville: Incumbent supervisor Mike Swan and clerk Helen Drewes won re-election.

Forest: Incumbent supervisor Don Tschudi and incumbent clerk Helen Holmer won re-election.

Forest Township decided to move their elections to November.

Osage: Incumbent supervisor Arthur Yliniemi won re-election and Margot Boyd was a write-in winner for clerk.

Savannah: Incumbent supervisor Tom Thelen and incumbent clerk Richard Knutson were elected.

Two Inlets: Incumbent supervisor Dennis Wright and incumbent clerk Adeline Retz were both elected.