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Akeley soon to become snowman domain

Hooch Lake, the bustling cornerstone of industry (and insanity) on Akeley's eastern fringe, has launched another preposterous proposal.

Hooch Lake Snowman Construction Company, Nels Kramer the CEO, is inviting hamlet inhabitants to create snowmen for the first ever Hooch Lake Snowmen Contest.

The rules are simple: It must be made of snow and be at least 3 feet tall. The frozen fellow must be visible from the street (residing within a mile of Hooch Lake) and completed by Christmas Day.

And it must agree to hang around (be maintained) until Feb. 1.

Kramer and his crew - grandchildren Caden Kramer and Griffin Chase - have developed a three-tub process to construct the rotund winter characters. They are offering their expertise to those in need of assistance.

A panel of adjudicators will head out to determine the winners, with prizes awarded at the end of the contest.

Kramer is sending the judges out on a daily basis to check on the progress. He's hoping empty lots will become snowmen domain, inviting those residing outside of the city to create a snow creature on one of them.

To register or for more information head to Bunyan's Convenience Store. Participants will receive a coveted Hooch Lake Snowman Contest button.

Hooligans on Hooch

'Twas the night before


And all through the 'burb

Not a creature was stirring,

Not one word...

Into the village they'd


Rotund balls of white

Imaginations taken


Prisoners without a fight

"We're hoping for a hundred!"

Hooch Lake mayor Nels


He hitched up some helpers

With tin buckets to prepare

Rocks for the eyeballs

Carrots for the snout

Coal for the goofy grin

A scarf to wrap about

The snowman population


Wild characters began to


Winter madness had


Lunacy, without a doubt

Pirates and mermaids

Rascals and clowns

A frozen mayor was elected

In this lumberjack town

Santa and his reindeer

Descending Christmas Eve

Slowed the sleigh in wonder

The sight not to be believed

On Donner on Dancer

On Comet and Cupid!

This is either something great

...Or something rather stupid

But he was heard to declare

As he rode out of sight,

Good luck, Paul Bunyan...

And to all, a good night.