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Hubbard County Incidents

Miscellaneous: Sept. 25: A Nevis caller reported suspicious activity at his residence; A report was made of child custody issues in Nevis; A Park Rapids caller had questions about a harassment restraining order that is in place; A Bemidji caller reported bones found near Co. Rd. 45; A Nevis caller requested assistance with a resident; A caller from Laporte reported vandalism to a gate; A possible intoxicated driver was reported; A locked, unoccupied vehicle was reported to be in a swamp in Akeley;

Sept. 26: A Park Rapids caller reported a violation of no contact order; A Laporte caller reported that people will not leave his deceased dad's house; A caller reported that his and his neighbor's mailboxes were wiped out again; A caller on Wejack Rd. reported a domestic that occurred last night, the female was hit in the head with an unknown weapon and her phone was taken away; A Becida caller reported that threats were witnessed on Facebook; A caller from Laporte reported issues getting vehicle back from ex husband; A report was made about driving conduct on a gray to purple sports car on Co. Rd 6 in Park Rapids; A request was made to speak to a deputy about property retrieval in Nevis;

Sept. 27: A Nevis caller reported harassment; A report was made of someone digging and dumping rocks and barnyard waste in a county ditch; A caller on Wildwood Rd. reported continuous issues with a casino van driving fast and honking its horn, the van nearly hit him while he was removing debris from the road; A Park Rapids caller reported trespassing, he has the vehicle on his trail cameras; A Nevis caller requested assistance with property retrieval; A caller reported a white, Kia Sorento swerving all over the road with a child in the back seat; A report was made of three ATVs tearing up the roadway on Co. Rd. 89, ongoing issue; A caller reported a pickup with a boat on a trailer with no running lights;

Medical: Sept. 26: An ambulance was requested in Laporte for a 62 year old female with blood sugar of 33;

Sept. 27: An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a male with COPD and trouble breathing;

Accidents: Sept. 27: A report was made in Nevis that a vehicle backed into the caller's vehicle and took off;

Animal related: Sept. 25: A caller reported that a bobcat was hit by a car and was laying in the middle of the road; A report was made of a barking dog on Co. Rd. 50;

Sept. 26: A caller on Co. Rd. 40 reported that neighbors dogs are constantly on the roadway, they are concerned about them causing an accident;

Sept. 27: A cow was reported to be on the road;

Burglaries, thefts: Sept. 25: A report was made of a theft on Jewel Trail; A Park Rapids caller reported a theft;

Sept. 26: A Nevis caller reported stolen checks; A theft of a buoy was reported from Garfield Lake;

Sept. 27: A front door and overhead door alarm was reported on Beltrami Line Rd; A garage motion alarm was reported in Park Rapids;

Fires: Sept. 26: A feller buncher was reported to be on fire.