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Hubbard County District Court

The following information contains felony charges from complaints filed recently in Hubbard County District Court.

Drug possession

Marcus Charles Gbala, 31, of Lake George is charged with one count of felony third degree drug possession. On Aug. 1, officers executed a search warrant at the residence of Gbala and Dorothy Tiamarie Walker in Lake George Township in Hubbard County. Upon entering the residence officers located Gbala and Walker along with their four minor children.

According to the criminal complaint, the officers conducted a search of the residence and located $5,733 in U.S. currency in a back bedroom closet, a plate with two lines of a white powder-like substance in the bathroom closet, a baggie containing a white powder weighing approximately 13.6 grams in a dresser in the back bedroom, pills identified as Alprazolam (a schedule IV controlled substance) and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.

Officers determined the back bedroom to be the bedroom used by Walker and Gbala based upon items located in the bedroom. According to the complaint, Gbala admitted in a statement the white powder in the baggie was cocaine and that it belonged to him.

The third degree felony charge is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 fine.

Gbala was previously sentenced under a stay of adjudication in May 2015 for felony fifth degree controlled substance in Beltrami County.

Order for protection

Matthew David Barrett, 20, of Park Rapids faces one felony count of violating a domestic abuse order for protection. On July 8, a Hubbard County deputy investigated a previous call to Hubbard County regarding a trespass. According to the complaint, the deputy was heading north on County Highway 6 coming into the town of Hubbard when he observed a vehicle exiting the residence's driveway. The deputy knew the residence to be the home of Barrett, the complaint states. The deputy followed the defendant to speak to him about the trespassing complaint and pulled in behind him at another residence. The deputy learned Barrett's driving privileges were revoked. The deputy then learned Barrett had an active order for protection that prevented him from being at the residence.

A check of Barrett's driving record reveals his driving privileges were revoked on Jan. 22, 2016 and continued to be revoked through the time of his arrest. An order for protection was issued July 30, 2015 and active for five years. The order for protection prohibits Barrett from having any contact with the protected person or the protected person's residence.

The felony charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and $10,000 fine.

A check of Barrett's criminal history reveals prior convictions of fifth degree assault in 2015 and felony violation of an order for protection on March 20, 2017.


Terrance Jerome Arthur, 35, of Ponsford is charged with two counts of felony burglary. On July 26, deputies responded to a residence in Laporte where the reporting party stated she was driving to her residence on County Road 39 when she observed two men standing at the intersection of County Road 45 and County Road 39. The reporting party stated further down the road she observed an older style pickup parked on the side of County Road 39. She stated she then drove by a cabin near her residence and saw the door was open. The reporting party went to her residence nearby and observed her detached garage was broken into. She stated the door to the garage was kicked in and a window screen removed from her residence.

Deputy Alex Anderson arrived near the scene and observed the two males on County Road 39, just west of the reporting party's residence. Deputy Anderson observed a Chevy pickup parked near the reporting party's residence, the complaint states. He spoke with the two males and observed them to be intoxicated with a bottle of cinnamon whiskey sitting next to them.

One male was identified as Terrance Jerome Arthur, who first gave a false name to the deputy. The other male was identified as Randall Lorne Basswood. Deputy Anderson gave the license plate number to dispatch and learned the truck was reported to be in a hit and run incident earlier in the day near Akeley.

Basswood admitted the pickup belongs to his mother but stated he was not driving and did not know anything about a hit and run or burglary.

Both Basswood and Arthur were arrested for violations of Department of Corrections supervised release conditions. Shoe prints were taken from the two men to compare to prints left at the scene of the burglary, according to the complaint.

The reporting party observed multiple items missing from the garage, valued at over $2,000 combined. The property owner stated he found the items to the south of his garage near County Road 39 in the woods. The items included chainsaws and tools. The property owner also reported his truck was tampered with at his residence and stated the CD player was damaged valued at approximately $250.

Deputy Williams observed the footprint on the nearby cabin door matched that of the shoe print on the garage door. Nothing was reported stolen from the cabin. The shoe prints documented by Deputy Williams on the cabin and garage doors were matched to the shoe print of the above named defendant, Terrance Jerome Arthur.

Arthur and Basswood stated they had gone "booze cruising" and Arthur denied knowing about a hit and run incident in Akeley. When asked about the burglaries on County Road 39, Arthur admitted he broke the doors to the cabin and garage, according to the criminal complaint. Arthur then stated he dragged a bag of garbage from the garage into the woods and stated he broke the door to the cabin and entered to find water. Arthur stated he committed the burglaries and Basswood was not involved.

Arthur is charged with felony second degree burglary, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 fine. He is also charged with felony third degree burglary.

Arthur was also charged with felony DWI for the hit and run in Akeley the same day. According to the complaint, Arthur was driving on Minnesota Highway 34 just west of Akeley when he allegedly hit a vehicle from behind. The reporting party was an off-duty North Dakota State Trooper.

Following his arrest on burglary charges later in the day, Arthur submitted to a breath test with a result of .05. The Trooper positively identified Arthur as the driver who rear ended him in the pickup truck. Arthur, according to the complaint, admitted to "booze cruising" throughout the day and could slightly remember being in Akeley earlier.

A check of Arthur's criminal history reveals a conviction for felony DWI Refusal in 2006. His driving privileges were cancelled as inimical to public safety in 2006 and continued to be cancelled as inimical to public safety through July 26, 2017.