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The Nevis Parks Committee continues to search for funding

At the Nevis City Council meeting Monday night, Councilmember Sue Gray, representing the Parks Committee, informed her fellow councilmembers that the committee continues to move forward with their playground project while searching for adequate funding.

"We are currently in negotiations right now with the county. We should know on the 18th if we can get some funds from them," she said. "It's contingent on something else not being done, so we're waiting."

She added that she has been in contact with three of the Hubbard County commissioners in reference to the possibility of the county's financial support and she said she was hopeful that the county would have an answer for the Parks Committee prior to the next Nevis City Council meeting.

According to Mayor Jarod Senger, the Lions Club has been working on fundraising for the project at local events, such as the ski show and the Nevis Pig Races.

"The Chamber has money that they allocated last year that they will be giving to us this year for the parks fund," Gray added.

Public Works Supervisor Don Umthun explained that he had been in contact with Flying W Gardens about estimates for work needing to be done along the entrance of the pavilion.

"He's going to try to make it over to the park. I told him the situation, that we're trying to budget with the county and we're looking for numbers for this year for construction," Umthun said, adding that it would be work on a border to hold wood fiber.

Councilmember Gray added that the committee did receive quotes for other landscaping work they will be looking at, in addition to the estimated costs projections from Flying W, to give the committee and the council a more accurate idea of the total costs for the project.

In other business, the city council did the following:

• Approved the 2016 audit, as presented by Jon Roscoe from Miller McDonald out of Bemidji, with minor fluctuation but no major changes.

• Set the 2018 budget meeting for Monday, July 2 at 4:30 p.m.

• Approved the off-sale beer license for Northwoods Grocery Store in Nevis, which is now under new ownership.

• Adopted a resolution authorizing the transfer of city property no longer needed for public use.

• Authorized the purchase of a used plow truck from the State of Minnesota for $18,000 and the advertisement of sale for the city's old plow truck.

• Approved the low quote of $4,400 from Sparks Trailers for the purchase of a dump trailer.

The next regular city council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 14 at the Nevis Administration Building.