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Hubbard County 4H member selected as State Ambassador

Sadie Jackola, 16, of Hubbard County 4H is one of 25 4H members in Minnesota selected this year as a State Ambassador. (Macky Warne/Enterprise)

Sadie Jackola will be busy this week participating in the Hubbard County Fair and carrying with her the new title of was recently named a 4H State Ambassador.

The fair opens Wednesday, July 12 and runs through Sunday, July 16.

Sadie has been a 4H member for about eight years. 4H is an organization that teaches kids leadership and project learning, with clubs and workshops to interest kids in things they enjoy. A strong leader and hard worker, Sadie has earned her the title of State Ambassador at the age of 16. The ambassadors program is for kids in grades 7 through 12. These kids are also known as "worker bees" or "minions" to 4H program director Mari Jo Lohmeier for all their help their help in the program. Sadie and other leaders also serve as mentors as they provide valuable leadership to younger 4H members.

They are the voice of 4H. This year's focus for the county ambassadors is public speaking. Sadie got her opportunity to speak at the Park Rapids Rotary Club, and also a leadership retreat where she spoke in front of 150 other kids. Along with that, an application process that consisted of a physical application, questions on strength and weaknesses, and a video call over what she does for the community. Jackola was one of about 25 kids selected as State Ambassadors this year. Sadie says she started out like every other 4H member and had a dream for something bigger.

"Sixth grade is when I knew I really really wanted to become a State Ambassador. And now it's a dream come true," she said, beaming with joy.

Jackola has done many things in her local 4H, from working with pigs, dog training, general projects (sewing being her favorite), to being an Ambassador. But most importantly, she is a girl with a bright future. You'll even get to know more about her and her interests at the fair, where you can catch her in the 4H building. Or you might even see her down at the Minnesota State Fair, where she will be fulfilling her State Ambassador duties with the other chosen ambassadors. Jackola would love to share her journey and how she's "really excited" to be selected as a 4H State Ambassador.

The Minnesota 4-H State Ambassador program is a youth development program that strives to exemplify the ultimate in youth citizenship and leadership in Minnesota. Expectations for State According to the Minnesota 4H website, Ambassadors they should be interested in developing and/or enhancing skills related to leadership such as conflict resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision-making, respect, and communication. They should be able to accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance skills, be willing to explore and apply diverse concepts of citizenship, and have basic skills in teaching others, facilitating discussions, and public speaking.

Some of the expectations as a State Ambassador are to be a positive role model to and representative of all youth involved in Minnesota 4-H; participate fully in all required State Ambassador activities; actively promote inclusion and respect for diversity within 4-H programs; be willing to engage in a youth-adult partnership model of leadership.