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Hubbard County District Court

The following information contains felony charges from complaints filed recently in Hubbard County District Court.

Drug possession

Christine Michelle Ronning, 39, of Park Rapids was charged with felony 5th degree drug possession and misdemeanor driving while impaired.

According to the criminal complaint, law enforcement was notified on May 16 of a vehicle driving erratically and turned north off State Highway 34 and onto County Road 6. Hubbard County Sheriff's deputies made contact with the driver in a daycare parking lot on County Road 6 in Park Rapids.

Trooper Gagnon and Deputy Halbasch spoke with the driver, identified as Christine Michelle Ronning, who indicated she was returning from a doctor's appointment in Brainerd and explained her driving conduct was due to her trying to plug in her phone.

According to the complaint, while Ronning was retrieving her driver's license Trooper Gagnon noted two prescription pill bottles in the defendant's purse. Based on her training and experience, Trooper Gagnon knew that prescription pill bottles can be used to hide illegal drugs.

Ronning appeared nervous and shaking, according to the report, and her eyes appeared bloodshot and pupils constricted.

Field sobriety tests were performed and a PBT was administered which showed a .010.

A search of the vehicle and purse revealed both legally prescribed substances that appeared to contain the correct quantities suggesting those medications were being taken as prescribed. An additional prescription bottle that did not contain any patient name was also found and contained a mixture of purple and white pills. Trooper Gagnon positively identified the pills as Vicodin and morphine, both Schedule 2 controlled substances. There were 39 Vicodin and 22 morphine pills, for which Ronning did not have a prescription, inventoried in the search.

The 5th degree felony drug possession charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and $10,000 fine.


Nicholas Alan Gibson, 22, of Park Rapids is charged with two counts of felony burglary. Gibson is accused of having forcefully entered the apartment of his ex-girlfriend and assaulted her boyfriend. According to the complaint, Park Rapids police officers White and Yliniemi responded to an apartment located on Eighth Street West.

The reporting party stated Gibson had come to her apartment and banged on the door. She answered the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind her as she did not want Gibson inside her apartment, she stated in the complaint.

Gibson is accused of pushing her out of the way, opening the apartment door, and pushing his way inside the apartment. The reporting party stated she told Gibson not to enter her apartment multiple times during the incident. He did not have consent to enter the apartment.

The reporting party stated Gibson was upset with her and wanted to confront the boyfriend. He allegedly entered the apartment and she again tried to get him to leave but he again pushed her away. He then allegedly punched the boyfriend in the face, who then punched Gibson in self defense.

The officers then went to Gibson's residence nearby and asked about the assault. Gibson, according to the complaint, first stated he was home sleeping then changed his story stating he was at the apartment and punched the boyfriend in self defense.

Gibson is charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor assault.

Drug possession

Chance Christopher Bird, 22, of Park Rapids was charged with one felony count of 5th degree drug possession.

On May 6, at approximately 4 a.m., Hubbard County Deputy Kritzeck received a call from dispatch in response to a complaint regarding a suspect vehicle. The reporting party stated the suspect vehicle had passed him on County Road 81 at a high rate of speed and the vehicle was driven in a reckless manner.

At 4:09 a.m., while traveling west on Highway 34 near Henrietta Avenue in Park Rapids, Deputy Kritzeck observed a vehicle matching the description. The deputy observed the vehicle weave within its own lane and drive onto the center lane and he conducted a traffic stop.

The driver was identified as Chance Christopher Bird, who according to the criminal complaint, had a hard time sitting still while the deputy spoke to him. Deputy Kritzeck could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Bird.

Bird was run through field sobriety tests and PBT was administered which resulted in a .145 BAC. Bird was placed under arrest and later advised Deputy Kritzeck he had two Adderall pills in his pocket, according to the complaint. Bird allegedly stated he takes the pills so he does not blackout while drinking. Bird allegedly admitted he did not have a prescription for the pills.

Driving While Impaired

Eric Michael Binderup, 35, of Laporte is charged with felony DWI.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 11 at approximately 4:51 p.m. Hubbard County Sheriff's Sergeant Kruchowski responded to 323 Avenue and 470th Street near Laporte in Hubbard County. He was informed the driver of a vehicle there was passed out in the driver's seat, with his vehicle sitting in the intersection. Witnesses stated the driver had his foot on the brake of the vehicle, while the vehicle was running and in drive. Witnesses further stated the driver had a needle in his hand, had severely twitching eyes, and was unresponsive.

Leech Lake Police and Cass County Sheriff's Deputies arrived on scene prior to Sgt. Kruchowski, who learned the driver was Eric Michael Binderup. Sgt. Kruchowski also learned several items of drug paraphernalia were located in the defendant's vehicle, the complaint states.

When Sgt. Kruchowski spoke to the defendant Binderup was allegedly lethargic when walking and speaking. He was also confused and sweating profusely, Kruchowski states in the complaint. Binderup allegedly admitted he was on opioids and was placed under arrest for driving while impaired and transported to the Hubbard County Jail.

Sgt. Kruchowski drafted a search warrant which was signed at 8 p.m. and blood sample obtained from Binderup.

A check of Binderup's criminal history reveals convictions for felony driving while impaired in 2006 and 2013. His driving privileges were cancelled in 2005 and continued to be cancelled as inimical to public safety at the time of this arrest.