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Hubbard County Law Enforcement Incidents

Miscellaneous: Jun. 19: A Park Rapids caller reported their neighbor was intoxicated and refused to leave; A Park Rapids caller wanted to speak to an officer about extra patrol of her unoccupied residence; A Park Rapids caller reported vandalism to a 2008 Lund fisherman boat motor cover; A Laporte caller reported a suspicious vehicle that had been parked on her property for a couple days; A caller reported finding a canoe on the roadway; An Akeley caller wanted to speak with an officer regarding concerns about an employee's reaction to termination; A Park Rapids caller reported a blue Ford pickup that pulled into the reporting party's driveway and began yelling and making threats toward her and her dog;

Jun. 20: Beltrami dispatch took a 911 hang up from Cass Lake, they stated they spoke with a male party that stated he wanted someone out of his house; A Park Rapids caller requested officer assistance with property line issues; A Lake George caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to someone yelling at her for parking on the road, she was told by an officer before that it was fine; A Nevis caller reported a violation of a harassment order; A caller reported noticing stakes pounded in a driveway along Co. Rd. 18 so ATVs would crash, he also stated that he had picked up pieces of a broken helmet; An anonymous caller reported that someone shot at them while near the lake;

Jun. 21: Dispatch received a 911 hang up from a residence in Akeley, they attempted to call back twice with no answer; A violation of a court order was reported in Laporte; A Laporte caller reported a bounced check;

Medical: Jun. 19: An ambulance was requested on Hwy. 87 for an elderly female that fell and was in a lot of pain; A Lake George caller reported her husband needed to be transported back to St. Joseph's hospital;

Jun. 20: An Akeley caller requested an ambulance for an individual having a seizure in a vehicle in front of the nursery;

Jun. 21: An ambulance was requested in Akeley for an 87 year old male whose hands were blue and he couldn't get up; An ambulance was requested at a residence on Hwy. 87 for a party having a hard time breathing; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a female party that fell and is unable to get up; An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a male party that fell and was unable to get up;

Accidents: Jun. 21: An Akeley caller reported hitting a deer south of Akeley on Hwy. 64, she was asking for assistance;

Animal related: Jun. 19: An anonymous caller reported following dog to a residence east of Dorset corner where there were three more dogs covered in ticks with no one around, the caller was unsure if the dogs had been abandoned or if they were being neglected; A caller reported stopping at a large farm with no one around, they stated there was a horse with an injury to its back leg that was very swollen;

Jun. 20: A Cass Lake caller had questions about a cat he found; A calf was reported on the roadway;

Burglaries, thefts: Jun. 19: A residential burglary alarm was reported in Nevis; A Laporte caller reported her vehicle was taken from her residence; An Akeley caller reported a stolen gun;

Jun. 20: A back hall entry and east door alarm were reported in Laporte; A caller reported his window was punched out and his wallet and gun were stolen at the Dead Lake public access;

Fires: Jun. 20: An upstairs smoke alarm was reported in Laporte.