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Hubbard County Law Enforcement Incidents


Jun. 2: A call of suspicious parting walking on Highway 2; report of an abandoned vehicle on Beltrami Line Road; report of individual who won't stop calling reporting party even though a restraining order is in place; report of stalking and harassment on Driftwood Lane; reporting party states on Kabekona Lake he was charged by another boater and male party was making threats; Caller reports people snooping around her property on 331st Avenue; Report of suspicious male party walking down the roadway stumbling into traffic lanes; Possible scam report of person receiving three calls in past 30 minutes from unknown party asking to meet up; Reporting party states neighbor is a truck driver and not home, and there is a suspicious vehicle parked at his house and there are no lights on; Report of two highly intoxicated males at a wedding started a fist fight

Jun. 3: A gas drive off of $43 westbound from Akeley; Reporting party in Cass Lake states the neighbors were casing his house out last night on their 4-wheeler, also wants extra patrol; Call for an officer assist, reporting party in Nevis states his son was intoxicated when he left; Report of verbal domestic in Park Rapids with husband making threats; Report of dirt bike driving recklessly on County Road 39; Damage to property report of resort owner on Edgewater Drive in Nevis having issues with renters, boat was rented and the motor was destroyed, parties attempting to pay bill quickly and leave; Domestic complaint of party with warrant being verbally abusive; Complaint of large party and DJ speakers blaring on 150th Street

Jun. 4: Complaint of neighbors dogs have been barking non-stop for the past two hours; Report of neighbor's stereo is blasting on 470th Street; Complaint of lots of loud fireworks going off at neighbor's residence; Officer assist where caller in Lake George states owners were paid twice for campsite and refusing to refund money; Request for extra patrol over a domestic reporting party had at their campground last night; Reporting party in Park Rapids states they recently had a domestic with husband, now husband's co-worker is driving circles around her house; Cass County had an open 911 line, heard parties screaming, arguing about drugs, and glass breaking;


Jun. 2: A call of 63-year-old male keeps passing out and can't walk, County Road 12; call of 83-year-old male having possible heart attack

Jun. 3: A call for an ambulance to County 37, male party fell off tractor; Report of an abandoned vehicle sitting for three days; Ambulance call on Gray Goose Driver for injury of leg caught in boat propeller; Request for ambulance on Greenbrier Driver of party having chest pains; Ambulance call on Highway 34 in Nevis for party having chest pains, left arm hurting, unable to stand; Request for ambulance, elderly female with heart issues just had a seizure;


Jun. 2: A report of a boat on 11th Crow Wing Lake with no lights on, almost caused a boating accident

Jun. 4: A report of vehicle hit a deer and all airbags deployed, vehicle not driveable; Caller states vehicle almost hit him while he was riding his bike on County Road 1, then was making threats

Animal related:

Jun. 2: Caller reports two miniature horses at their business on Highway 71; animal complaint of brown and white pitbull wandering around; Report of bull out on Highway 34; Report of a vehicle hitting a bear on Highway 71 and driving off;

Jun. 3: A report of three horses out on unnamed road and vehicle almost hit them; Report of bear on the front porch of residence on Glenhaven Drive;

Jun. 4: Animal complaint of two groups of cows out on County Road 48

Burglaries, thefts:

Jun. 2: Report of individual in Park Rapids says he laid his backpack by the bank and someone took it; caller believes someone may have tried to break into her home in Nevis; Reporting party in Hubbard County states her son's ex-wife stole her trailer and won't return it; Report of vehicle taken, vehicle was parked out of gas at a public lake access;

Jun. 4: Officer flagged down by female party who states her house on County Road 13 in Nevis was broken into; Report of hunting building on Halvorson Forest Road broken into and firewood taken as well


Jun. 3: Report of a grass fire on County 40 in Nevis, no structures