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Hubbard County Law Enforcement Incidents Report

Miscellaneous: Apr. 10: Cass County reported a dropped 911 transfer call from Laporte, stating that the caller said they wanted an officer while hearing verbal arguing in the background; A caller reported that there was a car parked near her house on Co. Rd. 16 that had been there since the night prior, she didn't think it belonged there and didn't know if it had broken down or not; A caller in Solway reported that there were tanker trucks dumping some sort of fluid from a flex pipe into a ditch; A Nevis caller reported an assault; A Laporte caller stated that his wife violated a court order to not contact him; A Nevis caller reported harassment;

Apr. 11: A vehicle on the side of the road was reported in Lake George; A Nevis caller requested officer assistance retrieving property from a residence; A Laporte caller wanted extra patrol stating she thought it was going to get loud and rowdy in the neighborhood; A Park Rapids resident reported possible scam mail; A dispute over the ownership of a vehicle was reported in Park Rapids;

Apr. 12: A caller reported suspicious activity stating there were teenagers with a van parked outside of the substation; A Nevis caller reported their daughter's phone was broken by a girl at school; A Park Rapids caller reported receiving a voicemail message from an unknown person stating he was trying to sell a stolen boat motor; A Park Rapids caller stated that her son had been threatening her and other members of the family;

Medical: Apr. 11: An ambulance was requested on Co. Rd. 109 for an elderly female that fell and had a large gash to the head;

Apr. 12: An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a male cancer patient that was very weak and having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested on Co. Rd. 81 for a male party in a truck that pulled over on the side of the road that was having trouble breathing;

Accidents: Apr. 10: A vehicle on the side of the road was reported;

Apr. 11: A two vehicle accident was reported with one injured; A caller reported a vehicle went off the road and damaged some trees on the caller's property on US Hwy. 71;

Apr. 12: A one vehicle rollover was reported, a male party was very disoriented;

Animal related: Apr. 10: A caller reported he hit a deer on Co. Rd. 19; A caller reported they found four dead dogs while on a horseback ride; A Park Rapids caller reported a cow walked through her yard; A Laporte caller reported there were two dead dogs, a boar and other bones along the road;

Apr. 11: A Park Rapids caller had questions for an officer regarding liability issues if one of his cows was to be hit by a vehicle; A Laporte caller reported an aggressive husky running around on their property; An injured horse that was possibly shot was reported in Cass Lake;

Apr. 12: A deer needed to be dispatched in Park Rapids; A Lake George caller had questions on a horse she bought;

Burglaries, thefts: Apr. 10: A Park Rapids caller reported that he was missing things from his garage; A shop motion alarm was reported in Park Rapids;

Apr. 11: A Park Rapids caller requested officer assistance retrieving some vehicle parts that were stolen; An activated residential burglar alarm was reported in Park Rapids;

Apr. 12: Theft of a ball hitch was reported in Park Rapids;

Fires: Apr. 11: A caller reported a large plume of smoke south of Nevis; A caller reported attending to a fire north of Co. Rd. 9 on Co. Rd. 36 near the Helga Cemetery;

Apr. 12: Cass County stated they received a report of a fire in Hubbard County on the Leech Lake Reservation called in by a passerby, sounded as though it were a grass fire, Cass County was unsure if there were structures involved or at risk; A large brush fire was reported in Nevis.