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Former Fuller's Tackle building cleared for new development

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A demolition crew brought down an old cinder block building and with it some Park Rapids history. The building that once housed Fuller's Wholesale Tackle Co. on Highway 34 and more recently NAPA Auto Parts making way for new commercial development. The property where Fuller's once stood, along with the BP gas station and the building directly to the northwest of BP was purchased by Bemidji Management Company in Grand Forks. The company did not confirm plans for the space but indications are Simonson Station Stores are going to build at the location.

Frank A. Fuller started business in Park Rapids as Fuller & Denning Hardware in 1885. Earl Fuller took over the hardware business in 1913 and in 1930 went into fishing tackle and area promotion full time.

Fuller's Tackle Shop on Main was famous for its storefront window which included a large case of ice where the fish brought in for weighing that day could be displayed. People could walk up to the window and check to see if any "lunkers" were on ice.

The family operated the wholesale and retail businesses later on, adding firearms, archery supplies, tennis and golf accessories to the Highway 34 location.

Fuller's Tackle Shop served hunting and fishing enthusiasts for over 60 years. Anglers could have their catch officially weighed at the shop and entered in the annual fishing contest.

The shop published the famous Fuller's Golden Book every spring and it was filled with all of the fish entered in the fishing contest from the previous season along with the top prize winners in each fish category.

The Golden Book was synonymous with the Park Rapids area as a means of promoting the area since 1915.