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Hubbard County District Court

The following information contains felony charges from complaints filed recently in Hubbard County District Court.

Drug possession

Jerald Dean Drewes, 63, of Nevis is charged with one count of fifth degree drug possession resulting from a Dec. 8 arrest.

Hubbard County Sheriff's Sergeant Kruchowski, Deputy Kritzeck and Investigator Diekmann were investigating a domestic assault on Dec. 8 and learned the suspect may be located at the Jerald Dean Drewes residence on 200th Street in Nevis.

Law enforcement learned Raymond Earl Chevalier, 41, of Park Rapids, was present at the Drewes residence with an active warrant for his arrest.

Upon arrival, law enforcement spoke with Drewes at the door and Drewes stated the domestic assault suspect was not present but Chevalier was in the back bedroom, according to the criminal complaint. Drewes gave law enforcement consent to enter the residence to arrest Chevalier.

Law enforcement found Chevalier in the bedroom and observed two smoking devices, or "pipes", on the bed next to him. One of the pipes tested positive for methamphetamine at the scene. While placing Chevalier under arrest for the warrant and possession of methamphetamine, officers learned about other narcotics in the residence and located approximately 4 grams of methamphetamine.

Drewes was arrested and charged with fifth degree drug possession. A check of his criminal history reveals a conviction for third degree controlled substance crime in 2012.

Chevalier was also charged with one count of fifth degree drug possession involving the same incident. A check of his criminal history reveals a conviction of third degree drug possession in July 2016.


Park Rapids police officers responded to a shoplifting complaint Dec. 17 at Walmart and after reviewing security video arrested a Cass Lake woman for allegedly stealing over $1,000 worth of merchandise.

Traci Jolynne Cloud, 23, of Cass Lake, is charged in Hubbard County District Court with one count of felony theft. According to the criminal complaint, store security observed a woman enter the store on Dec. 11 with a child's car seat covered with a blanket. The woman, later identified as Cloud during the investigation on Dec. 21, allegedly placed a number of pairs of jeans and shirts into the car seat and under the blanket. She then left the store without paying for the items, the complaint states.

Cloud returned to the store a few minutes later and concealed additional pairs of jeans and undershirts in the car seat and again left the store without paying.

According to the complaint, on Dec. 21 Officer Rittgers responded to Walmart for a shoplifting complaint. He made contact with the male and female suspect in the store's parking lot. The suspects were allegedly pushing a shopping cart with a black garbage can in it, which contained stolen merchandise. Officer Rittgers approached the individuals in his squad car. The man stepped away from the shopping cart and the woman continued walking, the complaint states. The woman was allegedly carrying a car seat with a blanket over the top as if there was a child in the seat. The woman stated a friend had just picked up the child so there was no longer a child in the seat.

Officer Rittgers met with store security and it was determined the items in the trash can were valued at $330. The woman was identified as one of the individuals in the Dec. 11 theft based on an appearance match and driving the same vehicle on both dates. She was identified as Traci Jolynne Cloud.

Value of the items taken on Dec. 11 was $845 with a total value of stolen items on the two dates $1,176.

Cloud was charged with felony theft of property valued at over $1,001.

Drug possession

Jessica Fawn Glatzmaier, 36, of Park Rapids, was arrested Nov. 29 and charged with one count of felony fifth degree drug possession.

According to the criminal complaint, Park Rapids Police Investigator Rasmus was informed by Department of Corrections probation agent that Ryan Carl Branham was at the Rustic Inn and had an active felony warrant out of Hubbard County.

Investigator Rasmus responded and located Branham in the room. While there, Investigator Rasmus observed Glatzmaier come out of the bathroom in possession of a meth pipe, as stated in the complaint.

A search of the room was conducted pursuant to Branham's probation conditions and officers found a glass smoking device in the night stand that contained "observable methamphetamine residue."

Officers sealed the room and obtained a search warrant. According to the complaint, prior to the search warrant granted Branham stated everything in the night stand belonged to him. Branham then allegedly stated law enforcement would find glass smoking devices in the room as well as micro baggies with methamphetamine residue.

A search was conducted on the room after the search warrant was granted. Law enforcement found items of drug paraphernalia inside the room, a glass smoking device with a straw in Glatzmaier's purse, a clear baggie with a crystal like substance, which later tested positive as meth, weighing .53 grams allegedly located in Glatzmaier's purse, and micro baggies with residue located in the night stand which also tested positive for meth.

Fleeing a police officer

Brian Keith Jackson, 43, of Ponsford, was charged with one count of felony fleeing a peace officer. On Nov. 21, State Trooper Pederson received a report of a vehicle just left Walmart and the occupants of the vehicle tried to steal a shopping cart full of merchandise, according to the criminal complaint filed in Hubbard County District Court.

The vehicle left east on Highway 34 at a high rate of speed and Trooper Pederson met a vehicle matching the description travelling 80 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. The trooper turned around and the vehicle allegedly increased its speed to 96 MPH. The trooper activated emergency lights and siren, and the vehicle did not pull over, the complaint states. The vehicle continued turning on County Road 4 and travelled to County Road 18 before turning west and continuing just past County Road 1 before stopping.

Trooper Pederson identified the driver as Brian Keith Jackson. A check of his driving record revealed that his privileges were revoked. Jackson also had a DOC warrant for his arrest.

According to the complaint, also in the vehicle were a female and two children, a two month old infant and a 14-year-old. The female was telling Jackson to pull over for fear that the children would get hurt, the complaint states.

Along with the felony fleeing charge, Jackson is also charged with gross misdemeanor child endangerment.