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French fry fundraiser returns to Century School

The Park Rapids Education and Activities Foundation (PREAF) is teaming up with Lamb Weston/RDO Frozen for a French fry sale on Saturday, Nov. 19. The sale will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Century School.

Lamb Weston/RDO is providing French fries and potato puffs to sell with all proceeds from the sale going to PREAF.

The products are sold by the case only at a cost of $10/case. Each case contains six 5-pound bags, which works out to $1.67/bag. There is a limit of 10 cases per purchase and no early sales.

Lamb Weston/RDO Frozen has a strong history of partnering with the community in Park Rapids. In that spirit, the company said they are working with the Park Rapids schools to facilitate a public fry sale. Proceeds of the sale will benefit the Park Rapids Educational and Activities Foundation that provides funding for academic and sport activities for our children, the company stated. The team is proud to bring back the popular sale, which was once an annual event.

The sale in the past was very popular and was held at the potato plant in previous years. The popularity grew and the event stopped because traffic backed up on the highway a few years ago. The change in the location should help to improve the process and minimize traffic congestion.